Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012

How To Avoid Smell in Your Body

Tips on how to eliminate body odor with 10 methods and natural ingredients are easily available around us.
When our activities done outside the home, we will automatically interact with many people. So that's when the main proiritas appearance so get along, both in terms of neatness of dress, as well as physical cleanliness. Sweat is one thing difficult to avoid when working because it is a natural reaction of the body. The problem is when the sweat smell less pleasant menyengatkan until we made terseringkali not confident with our body odor that wafted others.

Many factors cause body odor, such as heredity, excess weight, hormonal factors, body hygiene, mental development, smoking and alcohol. Unhealthy lifestyles also affect body odor cause the less savory. If so start doing a clean lifestyle and regular, 2 times a day obligatory shower to minimize body odor.

There are 10 tips on how to eliminate the solutions that have body odor we write below. Consists of 10 natural ways or methods appropriate to address this one.

10 Ways to Eliminate Body Odor Naturally

1. Lime (Citrus aurantifolia)
Lemon juice mixed with a little whiting and gets rubbed such as armpits believed to repel unpleasant body odor.

2. Betel leaf (Piper betle)
Betel leaves are long known efficacious as an antiseptic also known to contain active substances that can eliminate body odor. Betel known especially potent eliminate body odor caused by these bacteria or fungi. Chemical constituents in betel leaf essential oils include kadinen, kavikol, sineol, eugenol, karvakol and tanning substances.

To eliminate body odor, one way is to soak some hot water. Once cool, the water is drunk. White sugar may be added secukupnyauntuk taste. Another way is to smooth the betel leaf with lime and then applied to the armpit.

3. Clove (Eugenia aromatica)
Beberpa clove bud soaked kemudia expands so that the water is drunk. Water decoction of clove bud with some brown sugar can also be refreshments and menghanagtkan dikala rain.

4. Ginger Rhizome (Curcuma xanthorrhiza)
Substances - substances contained in turmeric is sapomin, flavoinoida and essential oils to eliminate body odor. The trick is to drink boiled ginger rhizome that has been cut - cut finely.

Water that has been shredded ginger juice with a little honey can also be taken to eliminate odor sedapyang out of the body. Additionally, grated ginger can also be massaged into the entire body, and left to dry before being cleared to get maximum results.

5. Leaves Beluntas (Pluchea indica)
Plant commonly used as a living fence has a characteristic smell and taste bitter horsefly. Leaves and flowers containing alkali which acts as an antiseptic. Chemical content such as amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, tryptophan, threonine), fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron vitamins A & C. To eliminate body odor, leaves ordinary beluntas engulfed in raw or steamed first. Beluntas leaves that have been boiled is also delicious eaten as ointment (vegetables with grated coconut flavored).

If you usually eat leaves beluntas, body odor will disappear. In addition, the lack of bad breath odor will disappear. For those who do not like it, get by drinking boiled water leaves every morning and afternoon. Beluntas also beneficial lowering body temperature to cool the body so much sweat and body temperature to drop.

6. Cucumber (Cucumis Savitus)
One young cucumber fruit peeled and rubbed on the body part that smells up again after a bath.

7. Basil leaves (Ocimun Baliscium)
The active substances contained in the leaves of basil also works as an antiseptic. To get menfaat leaf is also used as a salad or as a vegetable raw ointment is also raw. Basil leaves also contain substances that increase appetite. For women who are menstruating, if you eat basil leaves roughly one cell in the morning and afternoon during the period will avoid the odor that often affect women hadi.

8. Flowers kecombrang (Nicolaia speciosa)
The active substances contained therein which can eliminate body odor is sapomin, flavoinoida and polyphenols. Kecombrang can be used to cook the young leaves and flowers are eaten as a friend to eat rice. Certain areas kecombrang superbly cooked as a vegetable lodeh.

9. Ginger (Zingiber Officanale)
Many Indians believe that if you consume ginger make them smell sweet.
According to Peng Chao Ching of the emperor Shen Nong (3000 BC), fresh ginger can eliminate body odor and closer to the spiritual aura. Ginger terarur if consumed can be very helpful to overcome the problem of body odor.

10. Purut orange (Citrus Bystrix)
Yuan bark contains essential oils smell nice. Kaffir lime can be used to eliminate body odor by drinking juice mixed with a lime peel kencur mashed together - together with enough water.