Jumat, 21 Desember 2012

Share : Heal The World

The way to healthy lifestyle is not full of rules and exercises. It is also about optimism and joy from your health. To get some inspiration I founded new section Music, where you find some nice music to your healthy life.

The first one has original name - Heal The World, famous hit from Michael Jackson. Music is my hobby, so I have arranged Karaoke version of this song. Enjoy It!

Kamis, 20 Desember 2012

Share : Merry Christmas 2009

My dear readers,

I wish you very Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year 2010. Let your wishes comes true and your health is strong as a rock.

Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

Share : Money For You - 10 USD monthly

Share Article | I was thinking about some advertisement for this site, but also found out the high expenses of that and unsure result.

So I decided it is better to give the money to you - my readers. It is not really for free, but for seconds or minutes work.

The rules are following:

1. You will put the link to this blog to any Internet content you have (website, profile, blog, Facebook or Twitter). The link have to be visible (NOT masked) and NOT with attribute NOFOLOW.
The link code is:

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"Instead the Health For Everyone" you can use any other text like "Good Blog" ;)

2. You will send me e-mail at blog-health-for-everyone@yan.cz with subject "Money For You Link&quot and there will be link(s) in body where previous link is present. Number of links are not limited. Also include your name, surname and country.

3. Every month until I end this competition I will run a script that randomly select one link and the lucky one who owns it get 10 USD (PayPal, BankTransfer). Every link is one row in database, so the more links you submit, the better chance to get the money.

4. I will re-check if link to this blog is still present. If not, Rule 3 applied. If I cannot access your site, I will try it 3 more times for 3 days, otherwise Rule 3 applied.

5. The winner will be announced every month (name, surname, country) and will be contacted for payment details till 15th next month.

If you do not have a site, blog or profile, you can create some site with Google Sites, blog at Wordpress or profile at Facebook.

Good Luck!

Senin, 03 Desember 2012

Share : Introduction to the Healthy Lifestyle

(What can you do with healthy lifestyle photo by D Sharon Pruitt
Share Healthy Lifestyle - I see a lot of disseases instead of good health around me, I see people who do not know anything about healthy lifestyle and its importance for our life, I see a lot of ignorance and very little knowledge. That is why I have started to write this blog.

Most of people are not able to imagine the importance of good health. If you do not have it, your life is very restricted, e.g. you cannot do your favourite sport, you cannot enjoy the nightlife, you cannot have a nice sex with your loving partner, you cannot eat and drink what you want to and you cannot do many other things.

I know that most of you do not want to spend much time with some kind of exercises and diets, because you want to enjoy your life. In fact you do not have to. There are a lot of small improvements of your everyday life you can do in very little time. And that is the main objective of this blog - investing a little time and force to have a life more healthy, comfortable and active to the end of your days.

Enjoy it a new wa to healthy living!

Share : Changing Your Lifestyle Slowly

Healthy ganglion
You already know the power of healthy mind for changing your lifestyle. So what will be the next step in your way of improving your health?

It is not good to do some changes in your lifestyle too fast. Why? Your body is very compicated organism, mostly based on biochemical or bioelectrical processes. If you are used to live and eat some way, the body reflects it and adapts its processes.

If you change your lifestyle too fast, these processes stays in the old way for some time and your body will have deficiency of some important substances, that was made based on your previous lifestyle. This can lead to some negative states e.g. you will be tired, have headache, be ill (because of weak immune system), have anxieties or depressions, and in the worst cases your body gets some kind of shock (hypoglycemic , etc.).

So it is very important to start slowly changing your lifestyle. The best way is to stop your bad habits (such as taking drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol a lot, ...). With this, your lifestyle changes from negative to neutral.

After that it is right way to start with good habits such as exercises, healthy meals, positive mind, etc. So your lifestyle changes from neutral to positive.

The worst thing you can do is to migrate your normal eating to vegetarian, vegan o macrobiotics overnight.

Share : Bad Habits - For Drugs

In this post we will try to improve our health with canceling the first and the worst habit for our lifestyle - the drugs. Let us see why are the drugs so important for us and what can we do with it.


Drugs has been connected with people for very long time. There were generaly two purposes for making and taking drugs. The first was medicine (pharmaceutical companies are doing the same thing today) and the second was religion. Especially shamans used the drugs to improve their abilities, such as communication with astral word, healing or predicting the future. These shamans were (and still are) very special people. If somebody wanted to be a shaman, he had to do some very dangerous exams as proof himself to be immune to poisons. Of course many candidates died before they started to be shamans. Only people with exceptional health and genetically perfect adaption abilities could survive these exams. Remember - they did it for their people, not for themselves!


Today we have very selfish reasons to use drugs - mainly to escape from reality and problems or just for not to be bored. This is very bad, because the drugs cannot give us this goal. Problems stay the same, reality too and sooner or later we have to come back to face them. Also the most of people do not have exceptional health and abilities as shamans did, so their life time shortens significantly.

The next problem comparing to using drugs by shamans is the fact, that drugs are very big business. And if you have very good business, you want to have better one and do everything to earn more and more money. So today the drugs are much more dangerous than in history, because of a lot of chemicals processing to improve efficiency and getting 'loyal customers' dependent upon the products.

Finally we can say, that taking drugs is nonsense, that cannot give us anything, except destroying our body and making our life more difficult. You will be the servant of drugs and you will do only what 'they' want.

How to stop - Phase 1 - Experimenting

If you are just experimenting or thinking about to start using some drugs, it is not late. The first thing you have to do is to think about the reason of your behaviour. Are you tired, bored, ill, do you have too many problems, did somebody die?

Try to increase the amount of endorphins in your blood (these things makes you happy) - do aerobic sports, eat chocolate, bananas, have a good sex or take some L-Tryptophan. Or just focus on some activity - sport, job, your relationship and you become happier. It takes some time, but you will make it.

How to stop - Phase 2 - Light dependance

You tried it and it was good, you are taking some drugs time to time, almost with friends, but you do not need it.
Maybe you are lucky and your dependance is not physical yet.

Try to do everyting from Phase 1
and do not take any potion. If you make it, good for you. If you must take it, you are unfortunatelly in Phase 3.

How to stop - Phase 3 - Medium and Heavy dependance

You need it, you tried to stop, but you were not successful.
You cannot stop alone, you are behind the border! You need specialist to help you.

Share : Bad Habits - For Smoking

Share For Healthy - Smoking is probably the most common bad habit for your healthy lifestyle. 5 milion deaths is cause by smoking every year. (source WHO) So why do people smoke and how is possible to stop smoking?

As drugs tobacco is closely connected with the human history. The first tobacco users were people from ancient civilizations all arround the world about 5 000 B.C. (source Wikipedia). Of course as drugs, tobacco were used because of religional purposes (yes, our well-known shamans).

The most famous fact from history is probably using tobacco by Native Americans from the time of Wild-West (you know it from westerns). These people used calumet - ceremonial smoking pipe. Remember the word "ceremonial", which does not mean, they used it for the style or escaping from reality.

In Europe there were some waves of smoking as a cultural phenomena. Finaly in last 50 years the main product for smoking is the cigarette.

Generally you can divide smokers to these groups:

The worst you can smoke. Today's cigarettes are not from pure tobacco, but full of artificial chemicals to enhance the taste, smoke, smell and nicotine absorption. Some sources say, there are more than 4 000 substances in cigarettes, most of them not really good for us.

Because cigarettes are inhaled, your lungs will be full of tar (permanent status, you cannot remove it), you have great risc of many cancer types.

Tobacco combined with clove was made at the beging of 20th century for curing lung's allergies. Less dangerous than cigarette, but still not healthy as predicted.

Pipe smokers has mostly more quality tobacco, they do not inhale smoke to lungs and they are less physicaly dependent due to less smoking in general. So in this case less dangerous than previous types, but still risc of tongue cancer.

If you are the right cigar smoker, you will have it in your mouth aproximately once a minute. Most of the time the cigar is resting in the ashtray. The most quality tobacco used, usually without added chemicals. If these rules are applied, there is less health danger comparing to previous types.