Rabu, 07 November 2012

If a dog is worth more than a child

    It 'a bit' I think so, but I was afraid to say so. Yes, because in today's world almost sounds like a profanation. Then a few days ago, the Corriere della Sera, on the front page, I saw a headline "We think more dogs than children," an interview with Laura Girotto Gian Antonio Stella, a nun who worked for 18 years in Ethiopia. And I got a start. But then I'm mad! Please, read it. The truth is that someone like Laura, who for years has to do with the essence of life, when he returned to Italy and looks around, he sees things that shocked. And living God that there are those who still shocked, screaming his outrage and forces us to think. I live in Milan and for some time now I have the distinct feeling that in this city, (maybe elsewhere, I hear you say) there is more attention, respect and love for animals and children and the elderly. Try to get in a bar with a stroller - like it happened to me - and see the reaction of people: aches, endurance, rudeness. Then try to enter with a bulky wheelchair with an elderly, and disabled. Take a good look reactions: aches, endurance, rudeness. A final test: revenue with a dog, small or large: hear uncontrolled squeals of happiness. Try going to the market (with the same stroller and wheelchair same as above) and see what happens. A few months ago, in St. Mark's, while I was shopping, exhausted, including heavy bags and bottles, a man yelled: "Oh sure that if we come to the market with the stroller ...". (For the record, my answer was very vulgar, this is not reportable). The list could go on ad libitum .... Conversely, the shops, restaurants, markets are full of dogs and cats. Evidently there is no longer the old standard of education - for years shared by civil society - that animals do not impose on other people, especially in public because some people might not like, who would be afraid, be allergic and quant 'another. But try to rebel against you if you go into a restaurant and the table next to yours, there is a dog: you may lynching. Well, if all this are added considerations sister Laura about the consumerist aspect related to animals, the circle is closed. Because it really is not just a matter of education, and therefore formal (this maybe I could get over it) is mostly a matter of substance, approach to things, values ​​(if all goes well upside down, if it goes wrong vanished). As Laura says: "And 'this disproportion that angers me." I think you should love animals, do not make human-like puppets. I know I'm old and unpopular, but this is my thought. And let's be clear: my no is indeed no lack of love for animals. E 'desire to priority. The same love, respect, care, solidarity, care, generosity, tolerance, availability today that the company has for the animals, I would like them to children and the elderly. No, and I would like more for children and the elderly. (PS please the only comment that I ask you to do is: "animals are often better than some men" .... please, not this)

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