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Share: Top 10 Actors Turn Singers

Share Top 10 Actors Turn Singers

1. Kylie Minogue
Australian born pop princess Kylie started her career in showbiz as a child actor, alongside her sister Dannii. She starred as Charlene on Neighbours in 1986. She recorded her first single ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ in 1987. The song was so catchy and sweet that it went to No 1 in the UK. Since then Ms. Minogue is more into singing than acting, actually. But anyway, Kylie’s by far the hottest actor-turned-singer of the decade.

2. Ewan McGregor  
Nicole Kidman had a wonderful partner, Ewan McGregor who turned out to have a good musical ear and a pretty good voice. He’s great, don’t you think?

3 Nicole Kidman
As for this Hollywood mommy, she must be good in everything she does. Remember her singing in Moulin Rouge? I must confess I was impressed, really. Though she’s too busy for singing nowadays her prior experience is worth praising. Check her song ‘Something Stupid’ featuring Robbie Williams.

4. Lindsay Lohan
Oh, Lindsay… no day without Lindsay news. She recorded her debut album Speak in 2004. It went platinum. She released her second album, A Little More Personal, the following year but it wasn’t as successful due to Lohan’s inability to promote it properly because of acting commitments.

5. Russell Crowe
In the ‘80s he recorded a track called ‘I Want To Be Like Marlon Brando’ under the name Rus LeRoq. In the ‘90s he fronted the Australian band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, the only thing I know for sure about the band is that the name sucks. In 2006 he formed a new band called The Ordinary Fear Of God. Like his music?

6. Bruce Willis
I love this guy! He’s so cute and he manages to safe his charm through years. Bet, most women came to his concerts not as much because of his music, but because of his personality. Anyways, Bruce started his musical career back in the ’80s and managed to go all the way up till now, though these days he focuses more on politics than music.

7. Minnie Driver
Mommy-to-be, 40, had her debut album Everything I’ve Got In My Pocket in 2004. Though receiving more negative than positive reviews for her musical career.

8.Keanu Reeves
I don’t know if many people know that besides being a good actor and a pretty handsome man, Keanu is also a bass guitarist and once even had his band Dogstar. The last Dogstar performance was in October 2002 , and they have since folded. Reeves later performed in band Becky but left due to his working schedule, but he reportedly still plays with the band sometimes.

9. Gwyneth Paltrow
How this mother of two manages to combine two careers is still a mystery to me. Paltrow’s song collection comes mostly form her film Duets (2000). Her voice is described as “pretty good,” well tastes differ.

10. Scarlett Johansson
The Hollywood star, 23, released her debut album Anywhere I Lay My Head in May, 2008 and didn’t receive positive reviews from critics. Seems like Scarlett is better in acting…

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