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Share: Top 5 Coolest Baby Carriages

5. Retro Baby Carriage

If you have a thing for retro stuff then this 1950′s Italian baby carriage is the one for your little toddler! The cool retro carriage is designed by Giordani Bambino and it sells for an expensive price tag of $2,200. And, in case you are anywhere like the celebrity parents, this covered carriage will keep your baby protected from all those prying eyes, you want to evade!!

4. Egg-shaped Baby Carriage

Artist John Knott, aka Bent Fabrication, created this baby carriage out of hand-shaped aluminum panels and antique baby stroller parts. You definitely would NOT want to leave the baby inside this thing on a hot day.
3. Gun-shaped Baby Carriage

This baby carriage looks like a gun machine and ready to shoot the enemy. I think it’s too dangerous for your baby and for the babysitter. Created by the Chinese artist Shi Jinsong.
2. Bike Baby Carriage

Check this cool invention. Cruise around with your baby in style and get some exercise at the same time. You can also go to the grocery store with this one. A lot of people use the car for the grocery errands because they need the car trunk. With this bike carrier bike there is a solution to use the car less when you need to haul the goods. The bike can haul 80kg and will cost 3,150 UK pounds.
1. The Monster Baby Carriage

This extremely detailed monstrosity is from Elmer Presslee, house of weird furniture and art. In case you haven’t noticed, the baby sits on the brain of the Cyclops, which is probably what’s making his eye pop out like that. Imagine if someone sat on your brain. If you’re into this kind of art, be sure to check out Elmer Presslee’s website for more nightmare-inducing art as well as furniture.

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