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Share: Top 10 Reasons To Avoid The Marriage

1. Your expenses will shoot up 
Blame inflation. Everything, including the price of alcohol has doubled in less than four years. It's hard enough for you to buy yourself a superbike, or Chanel clutch. How are you supposed to keep your spouse happy? There is the advantage of double income, but it will have its own restraints, such as buying a bigger house, more birthday and anniversary celebrations, planning for pregnancy, etc. Footing the bill for all this means spending your precious youth behind an office desk. Money is the root of all evil; for certain of most divorces. So enjoy your disposable income as long as you can. 

2. You have to compromise 
Compromise is an agreement reached by mutual adjustment and its impossible to make a marriage run without it. It starts with small things - which movie to watch, what to cook for dinner or who gets charge of the remote control. Then there are the larger issues - where to go for a holiday, which set of in-laws get to stay for how long, where to live... etc. Most of your energies will be spent on finding a peaceful balance and maintaining it. Enjoy your freedom by watching a movie you want, at home, in your underwear, with messy snacks on your bed. 

3. You can't be adventurous 
Today you feel like getting off the treadmill and heading to Chicago to study photography. Or quit your job as a banker and become a sports journalist. You can't do that when you have a family to support and EMIs to pay. But you can do it as a single (wo)man because you are the only one who will have to bear the consequences. In a marriage, everything will have to be a mutual decision as your actions will directly affect your spouse's life, money and future. Marriage might ground you, but it could also hold you back from spontaneous living. 

4. Bye-bye buddy 
Weekends will be spent doing long-pending chores, and you'll probably socialise only with other couples. That mean booze parties with friends will be far and few in between. Think of your married friends. When was the last time all of you cut loose? There is nothing more annoying than the friend who spends half the evening on the phone, whispering to his/her "baby" and giving them kosher updates about the evening. That is, if you get let off the leash to go out in the first place. 

5. Twice as much housework 
Think cleaning, washing, cooking, shopping, dusting and more. Every weekend will be spent in the supermarket buying groceries and household supplies. And married couples tend to be house-proud, so less clothes and gadgets; more matching curtains and cushion covers. 
Celebrate your single-dom by dumping the towel on the bed, socks on the floor and shoes kicked off all over the room. 

6. Good sex will be history 
If you think that marriage means sex-on-tap, take a good look around. Is that dazed, bored look in the eyes of couples in the mall a sign of gregarious sex? After you have been married for a while, sex starts to feel like bland curry. You do it in the same place, in the same position and for the same amount of time. It turns mechanical, and experimenting might be too much trouble. The most you can do is start fantasizing. 

7. The in-laws are free 
Remember how tough it was living with parents who wanted to know about everything you did and wanted to tell you how to do everything? Why would you voluntarily go out and get another set of those? At least with your parents, you can stomp up a tantrum or two and they will forgive you. With your in-laws, this will only lead to prolonged silent treatment and emotional drama on the scale of an Ekta Kapoor production. 

8. Make Your Parent Bankrupt
Marriages are too expensive :(
Need To Spend too much $ just to feed relatives (Most of them you are seeing first time) and show off.

Save This Money and enjoy

9. Marriage can mean career slavery
A Well known fact :p

10. Cheating
If a married man cheats, he’s the scum of the earth. He is a selfish jerk that has jeopardized the family unit, done his ‘thinking with his little head’, and disrespected his wife and children. However, when the woman cheats, she’s portrayed as the victim of an insensitive and inattentive husband. “Poor thing, he ignores her. All these things are after effect of marriage.

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