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Freak, Weird, and Strange Car Accident

Accident is the worst thing heard. But how if the accident looks weird and really freak. It is like imposibble accident happened. Here the chronological and the pictures of the strange accidents ever after.

1. A giant Nike soccer ball has fallen on top of a car. How weird is that? The ball was obviously a prop on top of this store because how else would a ball get on a car. It may have rolled off the roof of “Nooddi” onto the car. Imagine coming out of a store after shopping to have a giant soccer ball with a diameter of about ten feet smashed into the top of your car.

2. How does a car appear to be coming inward on a guard rail from the outside of it? This must have been one amazing car jump. The fact that the guard rail is bent with the car leads me to believe it is truly not staged, but the angle the car is positioned leaves me wondering how in the world it got like that. I’ll bet the driver is thankful it didn’t topple over the guardrail completely. Now I know why the government spends our taxes on guardrails.

3.What did this car even crash into? I have a feeling this is the back of a semi truck as it appears to be the top part, and scattered around would be the metal product he was transferring. It is a little odd that the car seems mostly undamaged except for a slightly bent hood. This makes me wonder how the silver material was spread so drastically unless it was from the result of the cabin falling of the trailer. Staged or freak accident?

4. Seeing a car crashed in a garage or house is one thing, but for it to be crashed on top of another car. This is just completely amazing. Honestly how could you even drive a truck on top of this car inside a garage without being highly intoxicated or staging it? I see no way for this to be a natural crash, you decide.

5. Ouch, the car splits in half when hitting a metal railroad crossing pole. It’s truly a sad accident that appears as though it could have been deadly. Unless it was a purposeful accident I’m undecided upon how you could achieve this. The speed had to have exceeded sixty miles per hour meaning this was on a highway or a similar road of higher speeds without a guardrail. The only thing is, if you examine the picture it appears as though it is crashing inward. The front and back of the car are pointed at what we would assume to have been the road. A car that breaks in half doesn’t break and have the ends pointing the way in come from. Imagine a cracker with the two sides when you snap it the sides go away from where the force that broke it was. The break goes away from you the ends come towards you. The way the car is lined up has it the force and sides coming towards us.

7. does that work? A cars wheel gets caught in not one but three telephone wires. The wires are about three feet apart so the car had to have been launched to the highest one and fallen straight down catching all three. Your power goes out; you call the power company, “What happened to our power?” They reply, “A car is hanging vertically off of three wires causing the power outage.”

8. This was on the channel nine news, which leads me to believe that this actually did happen. As to how I am unsure. There is a car parked next to these from the direction the car came and it is undamaged. The car had to have come from that direction at a high speed to achieve the height to get leverage on the truck to tip it. I don’t know about you but if I saw this no matter how full the lot I’m not parking there.

9. Lady those white things you can see behind you, you park behind those. A small amount of damage is done to the front of the car appearing as though she hit the stopper before going over. No real damage is done to the car so this could easily have been prepared; I mean there is a small risk for actual damage. This doesn’t look like a true accident but nonetheless it is a one in a million.

10. So car one stops and car three rams car two into it leading it to go upright. Obvious damage to the bumper of car two so that much is clear. As to how the car stayed like this long enough for the fireman and cameras to arrive I do not know. I would really hate to have been stuck upright like this. Scary getting out because if you move too much it might fall and crush you!

11. Well my best guess is, the semi decided to backup. The front of the red car is at least partially under the trucks wheels. A cars wheel go forward on top, backwards on bottom which would have prevented the car from getting under the wheels if it were going forward. Nevertheless it would be a very scary situation, and I hope that it is staged because the entire front of the car is crush.

All the views written about these articles are simply to evaluate how I think they happened. It may seem insensitive to assume some of these are staged, but personally I truly believe some of these would be next to impossible to achieve unless we are missing something in the picture. My best of wishes to the drivers involved in these, and any other car accident for that matter because the feeling of having no control of a fast moving car is about the worst feeling you can get.

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