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How To Prevent Mosquito Bite

Mosquito is a small insects but it is the dangerous enemy for human. Besides it is really disturbing, mosquito can impact many diseases such as malaria and blood fever. So, we have to be smarter than mosquito with looking for the way and things that can prevent mosquito bite. here Are :

1. You are most at risk for mosquito bites - particularly in the islands - as the sun lowers; use extra caution at dusk.
2. Pay attention under the tables when eating in Southeast Asia. Mosquitoes would love to enjoy you as a meal while you eat your own.
3. Wear earth tones, khaki, or neutral clothing while trekking. Studies show thatmosquitoes are more attracted to bright clothing.
4. If staying in a place with a mosquito net, use it! Check for holes and apply DEET to any breeches. Do the same for any broken window screens around your accommodation.
5. Mosquitoes are attracted to body odor and sweat; stay clean to avoid attracting unnecessary attention from mosquitoes and clean travel mates.
6. Female mosquitoes normally feed on flower nectar when not trying to reproduce - avoid smelling like one! Sweet-smelling fragrances in soap, shampoo, and lotion will attract more biters.
7. Unfortunately, DEET remains the most effective known way to prevent mosquito bites. Reapply smaller concentrations of DEET every three hours to exposed skin.
8. Although the hot climate usually dictates otherwise, the most natural way to prevent mosquito bites is to expose as little skin as possible.
9. Gecko lizards, considered lucky in Southeast Asia, eat several mosquitoes a minute. If you are lucky enough to have one of these little friends in your room, let her stay!
10.Make a habit of closing your bathroom door after checking in to your accommodation; even small amounts of standing water give mosquitoes a better chance.

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