Kamis, 18 Oktober 2012

Nails released from woman body

Hospital medical officer Nur Hidayah Bantul, Yogyakarta, on Thursday had issued dozens of nails and needles in the feet Supiyati, patients who suffer from a strange disease.

"A total of 12 nails and needles out while patients in the ward. Then of operating results on Wednesday (26/9) night were 70 nails and needles, so that the total spikes and needles are removed from the patient's body as much as 82 pieces," said the director of the hospital Nur Hidayah, dr Arrus Ferry in Bantul Thursday.

Supiyati a strange disease Harjomulyo origin, tribe Madang, East Oku, South Sumatra, and in the period of about 1.5 years, more than 2,000 out of the nails and needles all over his hands and feet.

After undergoing surgery at 21.00 pm until 23.00 pm on Wednesday (26/9), hospital medical teams Nur Hidayah successfully raised 70 spikes and 12 needles are embedded in both legs Supiyati, and most of the metal is rusted.

According to doctors, the first day of treatment in the hospital Nur Hidayah, Tuesday (25/9) afternoon, a total of 12 nails and needles out of the second leg Supiyati naturally, and five nails out when Supiyati in the Emergency room (ER).

Arrus said of the X-rays thoroughly after undergoing surgery, it sure no foreign objects such as metal still embedded in the body Supiyati, however, for non-metallic foreign body, the hospital does not guarantee 100 percent.

"Because, in the operation, the team also raised a long curler coagulating and glass flakes detected X-rays, if just a hair, so it may not be apparent when X-rayed," he said.

Still, he said, in an unspecified time, Supiyati still have to undergo intensive treatment in hospital Nur Hidayah for physical recovery is still weak.

He said to prevent harmful foreign objects both metal and non-metal back into the body Supiyati, since yesterday the team Husnul Khitmah Care (Hu Care) RS Nur Hidayah has provided spiritual guidance.

According Arrus, causing the entry of foreign objects into the body Supiyati still a question in western medical science, and to try to heal Supiyati to completion, Nur Hidayah RS method combines eastern medicine (rukyah).

"Alleged temporary entry of foreign objects into the body of the patient was due to the role of the spirit or jinn. In Islam, we believe in the existence of the jinn," he said.

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