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How to Use Eye shadow

1. Eye Shadow Brush
A good brush is the key of perfection using eye shadow. Do not hesitate to invest in having the best make-up brushes. Brushes of fur is better than synthetic brushes. Brush can be perfectly natural blend eye shadow around the eyes.

2. Concealer
Skin color is usually darker eyes than other facial skin. So that the color of eye shadow does not change when applied to the eye, then you must neutralize the eye color by using a concealer.

3. Eye Shadow Base
The secret to long-lasting eye shadow all day is to apply eye shadow base before using the eye shadows. Base textured eye shadow a little greasy, so it can stick to the perfect eye shadow on the eyes. You can change the base eye shadow with petroleum jelly. Rub the base eye shadow or the petroleum jelly on the crease of the eye using a finger, so as not to clot. However, if you use a type of creamy eye shadow, eye base shdow no longer used.

4. Eye Shadow Application
Choose the color of eye shadow and event needs. Eye shadow shades of brown, pink and peach are suitable for daytime appearance and make-up work. As for the party you can use black, or shades of eye shadow colors. Whatever color you choose, you need to know how the application:

- Use bright colors or younger at the crease of the eye using a small eye shadow brush.

- Use a medium color in the middle of the eye. Mix the colors together with a larger brush, so as not to be seen the line between young and medium colors.

- Use a dark eye shadow color on the outside of the eye, to make more visible the eye contour. Apply using a small brush.

- Apply appropriate color of light in the brow with a small brush. This makes the form look neater brows and brow bones become more prominent.

- End the use of eye liner to emphasize lashes. Finally, use mascara to the lashes to be more tapering.

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