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8 Things boy needs from a girls

'Quality' what exactly men want from women? Maybe you like to feel confused by the attitude of a man who rarely express their feelings through words. Therefore, you should listen to the nine 'standard quality' following expected by men as quoted from the Essence.

1. Honesty

Tell the truth what you want to pair. More open about what you need, want and up to your expectations in your relationship to the couple. Men appreciate women more honest than to pretend to be someone else in order to please him.

2. Principle Life

Men love a woman who has a principle of life. You must have dreams and standing up for something. Stay in your establishment even have a relationship with a different man. Gary Lew said, "This is your life, realize it or hope someone else will do it."

3. Do not confuse

What do you want? It must be very easy to answer. Similarly, in a relationship, you should know what you expect from your romance. Do not be tempted to various external factors. Men do not like women being 'wishy-washy' because it can break up your relationship.

4. So it Yourself

Try to be yourself while having love with a man. Not because you want to look perfect in front of the couple then you should change all your habits. Men do not like to see women who try to be someone else when with him. Remember, he will respect you if you also menghomati yourself.

5. Have a Value of Life

Everyone has their own standards in determining positive values ​​in life. That is, men want women to have the values ​​of life. This indicates that the lover has a moral and careful thought. This value also shows how mature you are.

6. Attention

Men love when his girlfriend gives special attention to him. For that, you need to pay attention to every activity. Attention can make him feel respected. This is the 'quality' important that you must apply when building a serious relationship.

7. Knowing What It Takes and Not

Sometimes, women are often too wasteful spending because he does not quite know what they really need. This could have an impact on your relationship if you can not restrict what you need and do not need. Therefore, be aware of and correct yourself so that you can handle it with ease.

8. You Also Have Quality

Every woman has a 'quality' of different. 'Quality' will build your personality while fostering a love affair. You have to know beforehand what you expect from a man. It is also desirable that a man of his female relations in balance.

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