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Healthy Life Style For You

How to have long life? Healthy Life Style for you.

   Most people need to have long life, but most of them didn’t want to keep their healthy body. Even you always to check your health to the doctor, keeping your life style is the main nedd for you too stay healthy. I’ts not diffficult, you only need to be dicipline in your self...


Choose Healthy Foods 

1. Choose food that contains minimal amounts of unhealthy fats. Unhealthy fats include both trans fats and saturated fats. These fats will raise your LDL cholesterol, and elevated LDL cholesterol often correlates with an increased risk for heart disease.
2. Eat healthy fats in moderation. Poly-unsaturated, mono-unsaturated and omega-3 fats are all good lifestyle choices.These good fats lower your LDL cholesterol and raise your HDL cholesterol, which correlates with decreased risk for heart disease.
3. Select foods that are low in both sugar and highly refined carbohydrates. Minimize your consumption of sweets, soft drinks, sugary fruit juices and white bread. Choose whole fruits, freshly-squeezed juices and whole grain bread instead.
4. Eat a variety of different whole foods instead of eating processed foods.
*Eat fruits and vegetables for their high vitamin and mineral content.
*Choose lean meat, beans and tofu for their protein content.
*Enjoy whole grains such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice and quinoa. 
*Eat low-fat dairy products. Skim milk and reduced fat cheeses will reduce your fat intake while                             mensuring that you receive enough calcium.
5. Incorporate organic foods. Shop at a natural food store or buy food from your local farmer's market. 

Get Some Exercise' 

1. Start and finish your workout with stretching. Gentle stretching will warm up your muscles before you work out and will relax your muscles after you work out.
2. Go to the gym 3 to 5 times per week. Work out for half an hour to an hour, combining both cardio and strength training programs.
3. Exercise in your neighborhood. Go for a jog or take your dog for a walk. Make sure that you move at a moderate pace for at least 30 minutes.
4. Enjoy rigorous daily activities. Both high-intensity gardening and housekeeping can exercise your body.
5, Ditch your car. Walk or bike to your destination instead.

Avoid Unhealthy Habits 

1. Avoid yo-yo dieting. Once you've lost weight thanks to your improved lifestyle, then work hard to maintain your weight instead of cycling up and down the scale.
2. Stay away from fad diets. Avoid liquid diets, diet pills and other diet supplements unless you are under the supervision of a physician.
3. Exercise in moderation. Working out too long, too often or with too much intensity can increase your risk for injury. Make sure to build in some rest periods between your workouts.
4. Know what you weigh. Being overweight and being underweight are not healthy states of being.      . Consult your doctor or a reputable weight chart that shows ideal weights for your age and body type.
5. Avoid excessive smoking and alcohol intake.
6. Get plenty of sleep. Studies have shows that those who sleep less tend to weigh more.

Remember Good Hygiene
1. Shower at least once per day. Shower again if you have performed an activity that has made you sweat.
2. Brush and floss your teeth daily. Regular flossing not only prevents gum disease but also prevents heart disease.
3. Clean your feet. Make sure to scrub between your toes to prevent athlete's foot and unpleasant odors.
4. Always wear clean clothes. In particular, always change your underwear and socks once daily.
5. Wear antiperspirant. Wearing antiperspirant will prevent odor and will keep your shirts from being stained with perspiration.

*Take a multi-vitamin to ensure that you are taking in adequate vitamins and minerals.
*Frequent and routine exercise everyday will boost your immune system. Also, exercise helps to prevent “diseases of affluence” such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Additionally, physical activity also improves your mental outlook and may prevent depression.

Always discuss big changes to your diet and exercise routines with a doctor before you get started.

Things You'll Need 

*Healthy foods including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and low-fat dairy
*Moderate exercise
*Plenty of sleep
*A scale for tracking your weight
*A daily shower
*Toothbrush and toothpaste
*Dental floss

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