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 Wake up early in the morning, can make you easy to find your fortune. Most people believe that statement. But most of us, really difficult to wake up early. So, to get your fortune easliy you may follow the tips :

1. Draw Schedule
   Start by creating a schedule of activities. Arrange time activities you as early as possible. Do not forget to calculate the duration of sleep a night! Do not let lack of sleep because you want to get used to waking up early.

2. Imagine a Beautiful Morning
   Stop thinking that the morning as the atmosphere of a grueling and torturous. Try changing the picture early in the mind you. Begin to imagine a beautiful morning and refreshing the air is still clean. Thus, you will be stimulated to get up early because I wanted to enjoy the beautiful morning which has always been overlooked.

3. Make As Routines

   When you have started to try it one time, then do not stop because maybe it still felt too bad. You give yourself time to adapt to this new habit. Once the habit of getting up early to do a third and fourth time, so make it as a necessity and part of the routine you.

4. Write down what you're doing

   The key to success was not only in the habit of waking up in the morning. However, a person is also required to use time wisely. After waking up in the morning has become part of the routine you, then that should be done is to begin to write down all the activities that you did during the first day. The goal is to ensure that you know what activities are less important but spend more time. Thus, in the next days you will reduce these activities.

5. Self-Evaluation

   After all four of the above have been done all, now is the time you evaluate yourself. With a schedule of activities that have been made earlier, getting up early.

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