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The Place That Forbidden To Put Your Laptop

In using Laptop we have to pay attention with the position how you put it.

There are some forbidden places that really forbidden to put it. Here they are :

1. Bed
   Keep the laptop in a soft as a bed, it can clog the vents on the bottom of your laptop and prevent the entry of cool air that is useful for laptop temperature. Instead, use a special pad laptop, table, or at least, with a hardcover book to coat the bottom of your laptop. In essence, the laptop requires a flat surface to keep the intake air temperature and stability in it.

2. Near animals
   Laptop store near the animal alone is dangerous, let alone let your pet sleep on it. Feathers flying animals can fall in and clog the vent holes in the bottom of the laptop. As a result, the cooling system was disrupted and can cause overheating.

3. Floor

   No matter whatever as clean your room, put the laptop on the floor is a big no-no. You never know how many tiny particles like dust on the floor that can clog vents into the laptop. Place the laptop in a pretty high from the floor, such as a table or chair with mat or pad laptop cooling fan.

4. Place wet
   Do not try using a laptop while drinking, let alone then keep drinks in addition to laptops. Drops of water from beverages can cause fatal damage and surge in your laptop, especially if the drink spilled.

5. Toilet

   You are too busy to have to do your job to the toilet? Or you maniacs internet and online gaming, or just do not want to be bored to death during a bowel movement? Discard the water while reading a magazine is already stale, but that does not mean you give up your beloved laptop and sprayed water charred to death, right?

6. Near the ashtray

   Well, more precisely, avoid using laptop while smoking. Smoke and ash can clog the fan in the laptop vents. Cigarette smoke exhaled towards laptop keyboard can cause yellowing. Put the ashtray on the side of the laptop is also dangerous, because the wind-borne ash can clog vents and make your laptop performance is lowered.
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