Kamis, 13 September 2012

Smart Study Strategies

Education Article - The time that a student gets to prepare for an examination is limited. That is why he or she has to form some warlike strategies to utilize this time properly and get as much benefit as possible out of it. Here are some smart study strategies.

Make your brain to work really hard. You can stimulate your brain cells by reading loud, writing and rewriting notes as well as answers. Create some charts that are easy to memorize. These charts can be of immense help in remembering definitions and figures.

Check how much you have learnt by recalling the main points after a few days. This will also tell you the chapters that need more attention. Be positive and believe in your abilities. Do not postpone assignments. Otherwise it might overburden you creating undue stress. Follow smart study strategies and complete at least a small portion of your text every day.

It also helps if you can relate what you are learning in the textbooks to the real life. This will help you remember those ideas and theories in a better way. Mathematics can be best learnt through regular solving of problems. You can also seek help from tutors, fellow students, and parents over the most complex problems.

Smart study strategies suggest focusing on graphics present in the text. These will help you to grasp the main idea. Apart from the fixed breaks at regular intervals of time to refresh your mind, there should not be any other disturbances while studying. Find your mistakes and work upon them.

These strategies will help you develop a better understanding of the subject and secure good marks in exam.           

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