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What the Differences Woman and Man in Love?

The men has different way in facing everything than a woman. That’s only proof with the the way of fallin in love. The survey was conducted to determine the factors the differences between male and female point of view in terms of love. What are the differences?

 1. Factor romance
Women: As many as 40 percent of women said their husband or boyfriend is not romantic.
Men: 75 men claim to the contrary is quite romantic

2. Greetings I Love You
Women: More than 43 percent of women say I love you just as a response to the utterance partner even though the purpose is not love. So as much as 12 percent of women do not say these expressions but they may be revealing to keep the feelings of their partner.

Male: As many as 18 percent of men say I love you, just so she wanted to have sex partner. So as much as 20 per cent have never said that he said was a lie.

3. Crying tight
Women: As many as 75 percent of women cry at least once a month. By 33 percent to cry at least once a week. Then 99 percent of women believe it when men cry.

Men: Almost 5 percent of men never cry for any reason. About 38 percent said they cried in response to a tragedy like the death of a loved one. While 27 percent of men find it no problem to cry with emotion every time. Then 29 percent of men said no problem crying for unknown to many people.

4. Wedding
Women: 55 percent of women said they did not feel at all pressured (by the family friend, etc.) to get married. But 36 percent of women said they would not build a relationship with a man unless he would be a potential husband.

Male: About 33 percent of men will not continue the relationship unless they feel their partner will be an advanced potential wife. More than 85 percent of men believe in the institution of marriage.

5. Breakup
Women: As many as 27 percent of women had disconnected with the help of technologies such as email chat or SMS. Then decided that only 16 percent of women with abandoned and never communicate again.

Men: A total of 80 men believed that the break should be done face to face. Only 4 percent believe it does not matter if the break up over the phone or other technologies such as email or sms chat.
So that is the differences between love point of view of love.

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