Jumat, 21 September 2012

Facebook : Can give you more disadvantages

The following are the worst disadvantages of today's famous social networking website - Facebook:

1) Account Intrusion

It is no surprise that Facebook is vulnerable to attacks, and several hackers actively alter people’s profile information, on daily basis. There are hundreds of examples of this. Many Facebook and ex-Facebook users can tell you that they noticed change in their profile information while they were not logged in.
Also, lots of pictures are uploaded on Facebook every day. Yes, Facebook does check every upload for viruses but remember Facebook or any other website can’t check for all kind of viruses, particularly those which are recently released. On opening those virus-attached pics, you create danger to your data and your computer.

2) Scams

Many hackers have similar websites to Facebook. They continuously send emails to people asking to log in to their account to check new photos of
Facebook Scam

their friends, or similar message. When the user opens the website, it looks 100% facebook, then he enters his user id and password, not knowing that his account details is being stolen by a hacker.

3) Waste Of Life!

One of the biggest Facebook disadvantages is that it addictive or can become addictive easily.  Once you get connected with your facebook friends you will realize how frequently you open Facebook and also spend so much time in commenting, viewing other’s pictures, playing games or doing other stuff. Many people know drawbacks of using Facebook but can’t stop using it.
Many people use Facebook day and night without thinking how much time they have wasted on it, and that they could have done more important work during that time

4) Ruining the Professional Life

If you are applying for a new job, you know your chances of getting that job may be so much reduced because of your social networking website profile page? Often employs search for applicants’s social networking website’s profile page to know more about you.  Maybe you have put some humorous pics in your profile or maybe you have entered wrong information (maybe just for fun) in your profile.  Your employer will be shocked to see all that and you will not be given the job offer.

5) Can’t Keep Things Personal

You obviously not want your personal information exposed to every friend of yours. On Facebook your personal life updates come to the notice of all your friends, and so your privacy is compromised.

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