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My Boyfriend is Pulling Away - How to Get Him Deeper in Love With You

Free Article - "My boyfriend is pulling away and I'm scared I'll lose him." This is a phrase that is uttered by countless women each and every day. If you've said or thought it, you know that it's a very uncomfortable position to be in. You're in love with a man who suddenly seems much less interested in you. Perhaps he's making more excuses for why he can't spend as much time with you or he seems sullen or preoccupied. If you find yourself in this situation you no doubt are worried about losing him. That doesn't have to happen. There are steps you can take right now that will pull your boyfriend back to you so he's closer emotionally than he ever has been before.

The largest mistake that women make when they feel their boyfriend is pulling away is to panic. Typically what happen is the woman suspects something has changed and she'll continually ask her boyfriend to tell her what is bothering him. Doing this may seem like the way to get him to talk about what he is feeling, but it's not. He'll retreat into himself more and be less inclined to tell you what he's experiencing emotionally. Once you start to realize that he's pulling back, give him room and space.

If your boyfriend comes to you and tells you that he needs some time to himself, there is one thing that you absolutely must do if you want to get him to stay with you and fall deeper in love with you. You have to let him have that time. In fact, you should agree with him that it's necessary and even take it so far as to tell him that you've been experiencing many of the same feelings. When a person senses that they are losing the person they love, they feel rejected. It's those emotions that you are experiencing right now and that make you want to establish a deeper connection with your boyfriend. You need to make him feel those same things so he starts to realize that you may be slipping away from him. If that happens, he'll do everything he can to ensure he doesn't lose you.

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