Senin, 03 September 2012

Woman Smarter in Cheating Than A man

Different from most of people, according to a report revealed China Press, the woman would be difficultif they are caught cheating on their partner. From the results of the study in the UK revealed that only about 15 percent of women who made ​​it known cheating partner.
"However, one in fivemen will be caught cheating," according to research published it. Not only that, one of the 10 men who had an affair has the possibility of doing it again. Meanwhile, the woman who had an affair because there was a problem with his partner while the man was having an affair because they are interested in a third party.
A marriage counselor named Chen Han Xi claimed as many as 90 percent of marriages will end in divorce if the wife caught cheating. However, if the husband who cheated then most of this relationship be saved because most men are just looking for sheer physical gratification without emotional involvement.

That is the reason why women are smarter than men cheating, hopefully this article useful. if my friend according to this article useful please share with friends, companions and their families through the existing share buttons below.

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