Senin, 17 September 2012

Love In the First Sight

    Do you belive with Love in the first sight? Sometimes, a man or woman meet in the first time,and suddenly feel that they are attracted each other. Directly they said “I’m fallin love”. Most people said that when you feel you are fallling in love in the first sight, that is  not love or passion, but only attracted to the vision side of the person.The rest of them said that is really love because we can not choose the person that we will be loved. So, what is the main reason of the people who gets love in the first sight?

1. Best first performance. Sometimes when we meet with someone, we look at his/her   performance. For example when a boy meets a girl when she is waving her hair , a boy looks that is best performance that the girl shown to be a reason to faallin love with her. Or a girl meets a boy when he cleaned his sweat at his face.

2. Good Looking. This is a very general reason. A person who has a beatiful and hansome looking, is the main reason can attracted someone to fallin love with her/him in the first sight.

3. Destiny. Most people belive and the rest are not believe with destiny. Destiny become a rasional reason for someone fallin love in the first sight. They feel when they see someone that is really my destiny.

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