Senin, 17 September 2012

Love Is Enought To Maintain Relationship

Keeping relationship become happy and maintain for a long time needs more than such a love words. Saying I love You to your couple is not the only way, you need more than words to stay together with people you loved to. it takes more than being together, kissing and holding hands when you want to stay together.

Simple way to stay together with your couple. Only follow the three things.
  • Communicate. Talking things over is always a great way to settle issues and solve problems. Never ever launch into a cold war --- it's going to eat the love away each day. Be open and listen to each other's sentiments. Respect what the other is feeling and always find time to make-up. Keep a cool head during a confrontation and always try to make use of both your head and heart in trying to solve a problem. Forgive and forget. Just feel the love.
  • Give space. Trust is a very vital ingredient when it comes to relationship, and love cannot grow without it. Make some time to miss each other, it's going to make each meeting more intense and full of love. Let your partner go out with their friends and go out with yours. It's all about the balance. Grow individually to become stronger as a couple.
  • Express the love. Be generous when it comes to love. Kiss, cuddle, snuggle and hold hands. Tell your sweetheart how much you love them and take some time to be together to do something special. Discover new things everyday and be each other's number one fan. Your utmost support will always make you not just lovers, but friends and allies for life.
So, don’t miss the chance to maintain your relation ship. Please do it...

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