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Tips good Wearing Condoms

Tips Benar Memakai Kondom
how to wear a condom contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases that attracted 
many men. Besides the price is cheap, easily available condoms too.
Since the primary function of the condom is a tool for contraceptives and prevention of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, it is necessary to consider how to use condoms correctly.

Tips on Choosing Condoms

Prior to use, choose a condom that suits you, in accordance with the following criteria:

Choose condoms that fit the size of your penis. The right size is important for comfort during sex and of course the effectiveness of the condom itself.

-Try Various Brand

Try different brands and types of condoms to find which one is more comfortable and appropriate for you and your partner. Although it looks the same, but each has a condom materials, different textures and comfort.

How to Wear Condoms

After finding condoms that fit, it is time you use a condom. Here are the steps:

- Open the condom wrapper slowly. Torn at the edges. Do not tear the condom wrapper in the middle, because it can damage the condom was inside.

- Use condoms slowly when fully erect by rolling it up to the base of the penis.

- If the condom does not have a reservoir, about a centimeter in order to pull the semen deposited there. Also avoid intake of air in the empty area, so as not to damage the condom.

- After ejaculation, remove the condom immediately before your penis limp. Hold the base of the condom with your fingers, to prevent sperm spill or leak.

- Do not carelessly throw the used condom to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

That's how to choose and use a condom is good and right that blog writing tips Health and summarized from various sources. Hopefully useful tips for you and your frends.

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