Kamis, 20 September 2012

Show Your Love

SHOW YOUR LOVE : Figuring What Your Woman Wants

Never think hard to figure what your woman wants. Most of us think, woman in the world only value the man from his material. Woman needs more than money to satisfy her self. The tree top of woman need are :

Need #1: Security. Women want to feel safe. In today’s civilized world however, safety isn’t really that big of an issue anymore.

Need #2: Pleasure. Women want to feel pure sensual stimulation. What do men talk about? Business, sports, and women. But what do women talk about? Sex, men, sex, relationships, and sex -- did I mention sex?

Need #3: Adventure. Women want to feel excitement and anticipation. They have a strong desire to trust in someone who will lead them into emotional charged experiences that they wouldn’t have the courage to go alone.

So, do you still doubt to satisfy your woman. Wake up.

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