Senin, 03 September 2012

The Worst Thing You Always Touch

 There are many common places that we always touch every day. And we did’nt realize that those are the most dirty things. What kind of the things are?
1.      Money
Everyone likes money, but surely no one would have liked with the bacteria in it. According to Dr. Darlington of the Health Commissioner of New York, there are about 135,000 bacteria on money, especially paper money.

2. Mobile / cell phone
Mobile phones are items that can not be separated from everyday life. Due to loose it, the phone become a favorite place for thousands of bacteria to settle. Bacteria likes to stick to the phone because the temperature is warm and suitable for its growth. To avoid this, there is now anti-microbial coating for phones that can protect your phone from bacteria and reduces the risk of bacteria attached to the face and hands.

3. Kitchen sink
The kitchen is the dirtiest place among all the other parts of the house, let alone the sink. There are about 500,000 bacteria found on every inch of the sink. To overcome this problem, try cleaning the sink with half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar. After that, do not forget to flush the sink with water to obtain a clean and hygienic.

4. Light switch
Usually the last or the first entry in the room is the most frequent contact with the light switch. Bacteria are very happy to live in an area that many people touched by it. According sanitation specialists, in every inch of the lamp was about 217 bacteria can move from hand.

5. Computer keyboard
A study in England had mentioned that the bacteria in the computer keyboard more than the bacteria in the toilet. For that you should clean your keyboard regularly with a special tool or keyboard cleaner can also use a damp cloth.

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