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How to Handle Nerveous in Talking With a Girl

Before talking to someone we love is usually often makes us nervous and excited. To handle it, we are often to talk or chat with her. These are tips specific tips to overcome nervousness and awkward conversation with your girl .

SPEAK with someone you like obviously difficult. You do not initially appear aggressive and awkward until one of you feel uncomfortable.

You do not have to stress or stutter because talking to her/him as easy as talking to your friends. Want to know the trick? Consider the following seven tricks conversations flow more smoothly with people you like,

1. Talk about general
Normally, if you love people, you already know at least a little while. You probably already know each other have some similarities. But if not, you can discuss general topics.

If you're in a café, you can make comments on the painting on the wall or the taste of coffee. If you're in a bookstore, you can talk about books you like.

2. Mention the general topic
There are many common interests that want to be shared by everyone, probably about the latest news, football matches in progress, and so on.

You could mention something that has recently happened in the world news, celebrity news, sports news, and so on. Topics such as these tend to be "safe" and it is always a good idea.

3. Start with open-ended questions
Open-ended questions encourage the answer is more complex than just "yes" or "no." So, you get to know her personality. Instead of asking, "Do you like to read?" You might ask, "What kind of books do you like? '.

You could also ask a more general, such as "What are you passionate struggled the last few days?" Instead of asking, "Do you have a good day all this week?".

4. Follow-up question
Questions follow-up is also a good choice. After asking someone you like where he came from, for example, you can follow up by asking, "Do you often homesick?" Or "Do you often go home?" Or "What is your favorite activity that you usually do there?" . This question also lets him know that you are interested in her life, without intending to nosy or pushy.

5. Ask personal questions
Do not ask questions that are very personal. Instead, ask questions that will allow you to know him better, so just ask about literary and musical tastes, favorite foods, favorite activities, and anything else about it. Very personal questions asked at the beginning inappropriate introductions.

6. Respond conversation
You have to respond to what he says. Try to laugh with his jokes and listen carefully as he talked.

If you do not react, she'll think you're not interested, and it will make him feel very uncomfortable, even bored. If the conversation is boring you, try to make it more interesting with a few questions.

7. Honest
If you are really nervous to talk to her, it does not matter if you say it. Alternatively, if you do not know what he was talking about, it's okay to ask for clarification. That way, you both are involved with one another, and the next conversation will be much easier.

Hopefully the above tips can be useful for you. Tips tips above can overcome nervousness and awkward to talk or chat with someone you love .

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