Senin, 03 September 2012

The Benefit Of Sleep Without Pillow

Some medical experts believe that sleep is not using a pillow was the best option. Sleeping with your back by not using a pillow safer and also an advantage for the baby. Below is an advantage not to use a pillow to sleep enlighten you:

1. Profit for the backbone
Sleep did not use a pillow considered the most healthy method because it provides benefits to a person's spine. Sleep usingthe back allows the backbone to fully rest with the natural curve of the body in place. When we sleep by using a thicker pillow, spine and location changes you may experience back pain the next morning. Thus, by not using a pillow to sleep is the best cure for back pain.

2. Preventing wrinkles on the face
People who do not use pillows have a low chance to get wrinkles on the face and other unattractivetraits. The reason is, they do not use a pillow is not pressed her face to the pillow can cause wrinkles on the face

3. Quality of sleep
If you want to get quality sleep, then you are advised to get rid of your pillow as it can hinder your sleep. Actually, most people do not use a pillow that fit and they do not get enough sleepat night. Sleep did not use pillows to ensure a good quality of sleep because your body is on a normal level and not as high as using a pillow.

4. Prevent neck pain
Bed using pillows are a major source of shoulder and neck pain. Although it is still advisable to warm up (stretching) and using the heater, the best method is to raise this awful pain that does not usea pillow to sleep through.

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