Kamis, 13 September 2012

Tips to Win Back Wife Hearts

Tips Memenangkan Kembali Hati IstriImagine what life would be like if you had a good marriage. Maybe you have a great wedding and you're not sure when or how things start to go wrong, but your marriage began to fail. It's very sad and stressful when you are having relationship problems. If you are asking yourself, "how to win my wife back?" Here are a few tips that will help you.

1. Appreciation and Gratitude. Most women want to know that they are appreciated. The simplest thing you can do is say "thank you." That's it. Two words rarely spoken in a failed marriage. When your wife goes to the grocery store, thank him. When he cooks the food, thank him. When she cleaned the house, grateful to him. Find reasons to be grateful.

Make the first move. If you're stubborn and think that you do not make the first move, you made a big mistake. By showing appreciation and gratitude, will be returned to you ten-fold and you'll learn about the answer to your question, "how to win my wife back?"

When your wife think you appreciate him and you really generous for the things he does, his attitude will change. He will begin to do the "little things" to you too. Do not believe? That's all right. Afraid to accept the challenge? That's okay too. If you are not willing to do anything to help your marriage, you begin to pack your bags. And may you have lots of money savings. Because the lawyers, the wife alimony and child support is not cheap.

2. Praise. When was the last time you told your wife she looks pretty? She was complicated but it's not hard to figure out what makes them happy. When he was ready to go to work, tell her she looks beautiful. Three little words, "You look beautiful" will make it seemed to fly.

"I can not do that!" Can not say it verbally? That's all right. Take small steps. Put a note in his car before he goes to work. You do not have to write a novel. Simply write, "I love you."

3. Communication. It's no secret that men do not want to talk about their feelings. You do not need to, but you need to open up a little and tell your wife that you feel some thing. Do not take this opportunity to complain about how he does not do something or why he was doing something. And whatever you do, do not bring up something that happened in the past. You can not change the past but you can plan for the future.

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