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How To Be Rich

Who in this world who do not want to live a successful and wealthy?. But to achieve it certainly takes effort and hard work. Quoted from Reuters, money management skills will determine whether a person is financially successful and become rich so or not. However, these skills can be learned and requires consistency. Valentino Dinsi, SE, MM, MBA, founder MuslimCOACH mentioned, only one percent of people in the world who control 50 percent of the money in circulation, and five percent of people in the world who own 90 percent of the money supply.

This is tantamount to a growing number of people are fighting over a bit of money. "Even if the money supply in the world is divided equally per person, 25 billion per person for example. Past five years the composition will be back as the beginning was. Due to so receive much money, people will consumptive tendency," said Valentino, in a seminar entitled "Entrepreneur in You "held by the

Department Group of Magazine, Reuters recently. So how about a few people in the world manage their money and financial success as well as being rich?. These four tips on how to manage your money in order to succeed and become rich:

1. Do not rely on one source of income to become wealthy work harder and draw more money. Relying on one source of income will not be enough to add revenue. So, the way to become rich is to find a second or third source of income. You can find additional revenue with skills or hobbies that are owned and can be done from home. As a freelance writer, and do it after work. Or other skills that are different from your current job.

2. The more assets accumulated assets, the greater the value of your wealth. Start investing. Buying land, a franchise business that facilitates and demand in the market, or other forms of investment. Of course you need to increase knowledge about investing, including the risk. By studying the types and risk of investment, you can earn extra income at the same time accumulating assets.

3. Apply the theory of "compounding" As quoted in the book titled Irwin Shaw Rich Man, Poor Man mentioned, compounding the first rule of making money and a way to get rich. This path implies, you have to be persistent in trying to make money. You also need intelligence to keep their job (which produces the money). That means you need to understand exactly what you are doing and why you do the work. Also compounding also means you need to have knowledge of math to calculate the income you can have and manage it appropriately. In addition, the financial success takes time, and not the instant success that lasts only temporarily.

4. Valentino underwent four profession professions mentioned four richest people in the world are: * Entrepreneur * Traders * CEO / Managing Director of the company. * Door to door sales staff who are paid by commission from the sale. If you listened to, the list of 10 richest people in Indonesia according to Forbes Magazine (September 2008 version) is a businessman. Call it five such magnitude and the Bakrie family (5.4 billion dollars), Tanoto and families manage Garuda Mas (4.7 billion dollars), R. Budi Hartono (3.14 billion dollars), Budi Hartono and Michael Hartono, two siblings who have a stake in the company Djarum cigarettes and BCA (3.08 billion dollars), Eka Widjaja family and owner Tjipta Sinar Mas Group (2, 8 billion U.S. dollars), and a series of other rich penguasaha. You are interested to become entrepreneurs and become rich?

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