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How To get Cheap Ticket

Cheap Ticket or so-called ticket promo the target of many people who would like to travel by plane. But usually ticket promo is only available in limited quantities, while demand loads. No wonder the tickets run out quickly, as a bone of contention. Even long before the day of departure, or tickets cheap tickets promo is gone be booked passengers. Ordered long before the day of departure is one of the tips to get cheap tickets goto (promo) this.

But please note, promo tickets not transferable and can not move the date and time kebarangkatan. Thus, promo ticket holders should go according to the schedule flight departure listed ditiket have purchased (except for the plane delay). If not, then our money will be forfeited. Therefore, before deciding to buy a plane ticket promo, you should make sure the (fixed) before the date and time of your departure.

Usually it will be difficult to get cheap tickets on the weekend and on Monday, because these days a lot of people who travel. Especially if you fit the holidays, such as Eid holidays, Christmas holidays, and holiday-other national holidays. So if you want cheap tickets, then do not schedule your trip on a day-to-day (time) is. Except if it's urgent affairs, so what may make, you should relah forced to spend more to buy tickets that are more expensive.

Where to find cheap airline tickets / promo? You can visit the agents selling tickets in the city nearest you, and ask, what is there promo tickets to the area you want to go. Because each airline providing the promo price is different, so check with the airline also what his promo tickets are cheaper. But when the distance between where you live not too far from the airport, you should come directly to the airport. The problem is if we buy tickets at the agent (let alone authorized agent who is not), of course the price will be more expensive. If not mistaken, agents usually take profit between 30 s / d 50 thousand.

In addition through the Agent and came straight to the airport, we can also hunt or cheap tickets promo tickets over the internet. The trick? Yes we visit the airline's existing aircraft, especially those with a route to the city which we are headed. This way I do most often. Incidentally, I often really asked for help you / your family and friends to find a promo ticket. Unfortunately, to buy a plane ticket online, most still use a credit card, whereas I do not have a credit card. :) And if not wrong, if we use a credit card purchase, the tickets are valid only for credit card holders. So we can not buy tickets online for other people, use our credit cards.

A week ago, when looking for cheap tickets for my sister who was about to return home from Singapore to Makassar, I found a site that is able to locate and display promo tickets from various airlines in Indonesia. With this site, we do not need to bother to visit one site to search for airline tickets promo. Simply by opening one site alone, we've been able to determine and compare the price of every airline ticket promo. And if we agreed to buy the promo tickets, we can directly buy on this site. The payment will no longer use credit cards, but with the system of transfers between bank accounts (either through an ATM). But since this site is an online ticket agent, so they make a profit (fees) of about 30 s / d 50 thousand / tickets. 

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