Senin, 03 September 2012

The Beautiful Nature Made by Human

 NOT all countries in the world as lucky as Indonesia which have different types of landscapes, ranging from the beautiful tropical beaches to the majestic volcano.
  Some countries are even willing to make a beach or a fake volcano, as the ambition to improve their tourism. What are the artificial type? see his review below, as quoted from
Artificial Beach: Paris Plage, ParisYou might have thought up in an oasis when he saw the golden sands on the banks of the river Seine. Paris Plage is a man-made beach complete with dozens of palm trees, a pool 28 meters long and sand beaches. Since 2002, it appears artificial beaches each summer to meet the desires of the citizens of Paris to life beach. The beach is made with 2000 tons of sand, 200 seats beach, 40 palm trees, five kafem two picnic area, volleyball court, and an artificial climbing wall. More than 2 million tourists visited the artificial beaches each summer.
Artificial Ski Slope: Snowworld, Netherlands
· Artificial Beach acres of ski slopes beat the Ski Dubai, which is also the largest indoor ski resort in the world. Snowworld had five ski slopes and eight lifts that offer various levels of snow sports challenges.
· Located on the Persian Gulf, The World is an ambitious project which began in 2003, who built fake 300 islands named after the islands and countries of the world. The island is describing the forms of state and native island in the world, with a smaller size. some famous people have reportedly bought property on this island, such as David Beckham and Tommy Lee.
· Artificial forest is located in the waters near Marina Bay, Singapore. This forest has three waterfront park, with an area of ​​54 hectares. This forest also has a 150-meter high vertical garden, wrapped in tropical plants. This forest has a solar water heater, solar panels, and a system for collecting rainwater.
· This river flows through the existing 3014 rooms at the Venetian Resort, the picture canals in Venice, Italy. to get around, provided bridges and gondolas, past cafes danpusat shopping. This gondola will then slip under the Bridge of Sighs replica into the sun that shines on the artificial lagoon area of ​​9.5 square kilometers.
· Artificial waterfall: Cascate della Marmore, Italy
highest man-made waterfall in the world is hardly the work of the modern world. The falls are the main attraction in Umbria, Italy was built by the Romans in 271 BC, as part of the land draniase and also to stop the flow of water from the river Velino and Nera which flooded the surrounding areas. 165 meter high waterfall consists of three levels, and the right to visit her at night because it will be decorated with colorful lights.
· Artificial Volcanoes: The Mirage, Las Vegas
The volcano is issuing fake fire made every hour, on a Polynesian-themed resort, The Mirage. Belch fire and smoke as high as 10 feet, the volcano was first lit in 1989, then updated in 2008 with additional attractions lava, fire and dance around it.
Stonehenge palsy: Carhenge, Nebraska
Approximately 38 used cars painted gray and set in a circle in the middle of the desert, like the famous Stonehenge in England. Carhenge is the idea of ​​Henry Ford and Henry Leland, owner of the Cadillac as their love for this vehicle.
· Coral reefs false, Brisbane, Australia
To reduce the density of visitors that can ruin the beauty of the coral in the Great Barrier reef, the most popular dive sites in the world, the Australian government to make fake coral karan Narrowneck Beach. Coral reefs are made in 1999, covering an area 30 times the size of an Olympic swimming pool.

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