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10 favorite places in Dubai for Tourists Visited

   Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world as well as a busy metropolitan city. Dubai is always full of life and full of activity, and you can not force yourself to sleep in city life. Tourism is a rapidly growing industry in dubai and there are so many things for tourists to do in dubai, that no amount of time will be sufficient to visit every attraction this city.
   So here I have compiled a list of some of the best tourist attractions in dubai. Believe that it is very difficult to find an amazing top 10 places in dubai filled with remarkable place.

1. Burj al Arab
   It is the only hotel in the world to be labeled as a seven-star hotel. The hotel is located 2 km to the northeast of the beach jumeirah. This is one of the most unique architecture shaped like a ship. The hotel has 66 floors which makes building the world's tallest hotel.

2. Jumeirah Beach
   Jumeirah beach is the most famous beach in dubai. The beach is stretched to 7 km divided into seven beaches and each beach is divided by 1 mile long beach. Two fused in jumeirah beach park, and wild wadi simultaneously.

3. Burj Khalifa
   Burj khalifa is the tallest building architecture, the longest and most stunning in the world. The tower's 153 floors, the building only a high touch the sky. This building including hotel, office space, residential apartments with all the luxury.

 4. Wild Wadi
   Wild Wadi is a water park located in jumeirah beach 5. Dedicated to beach water park, water park and this gives you time to relax. Especially the kids could play here.

 5. Dubai Marina
   Dubai marina is a district in the heart of the city known as the 'new dubai'. This is one model of the best cities in the world. The first phase is completed and the next is in development. Once completed it will be the most advanced in the state of dubai.

 6. Gold Souq
   It is the most famous gold market in the world because the city is called the "land of gold". In this market lined with gold shops where you can get a wide variety of karat gold.

 7. Mall of the Emirates
   Mall of the emirates is a shopping center in dubai. Mall of the emirates is the second largest mall in the Middle East. 2400000 There are small shops.

 8. Dubai Mall
   Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world by area and sixth largest by total area. This mall is part of the Burj Khalifa complex. It even has a huge aquarium in it.

 9. Dune Bashing
  This place is the most visited by youth today, because it can drive a SUV on the sand. Motorists should have a reliable technique for driving in the sand so as to give encouragement to the passenger SUV.

 10. Palm Jumeirah
   Palm Jumeirah has everything you need to enjoy a wonderful holiday. This place had the names of famous hotels in the world, tourist places, stunning fashion and luxury shopping centers. Even if you just want to relax or immerse yourself in the exciting world of leisure and entertainment, this is a truly inspiring place to visit.

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