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21 mysterious Place In Whole World

1. Pembrokeshire, Wale

The shape of the house - the house in the Pembrokeshire area resembles Hobbit house in the movie Lord of the Ring. Built entirely from natural ingredients that are found around the residence. The walls of stone, mud and water coming into the house because of gravity. The windows and the pipes were taken from the trash.

2. Yucatan, Mexico

In the midst of dense forests in semenajung Yucatan, Mexico, unexpectedly scattered thousands "pool crystal" mysterious. According to a Reuters report, U.S. scientists have discovered the origin of the "pool crystal" is not long ago, which also opened the veil the real world of underground water. This dense forest hides many "pool crystal", whereby the depth of one of the "pool crystal" that can reach 160 feet.

Thousands of "pool crystal" underground world has formed a mysterious underground water. the ancient Maya ever consider that there is an entrance to the underground realm. The local community continues melegendakan, that in the world of the mysterious underground water, there is a pile of bones, and gold that make up such a mountain.

Researchers from the U.S. and explorers to investigate a number of holes, carrying oxygen tanks, waterproof lights and other underwater equipment. From the studies it is known that the real "pool crystal" This is a hole that formed from limestone rock (limestone), which eroded the permanent rain. And therefore filtered rainwater similar limestone sponge, the water looks very clear and transparent, and it looks like it is made of crystal.

The adventurous divers feel as if floating in space when swimming in the water below the land. Swimming-pool is a shallow crystal Nothing more depth reaches 1 meter, while the unfounded. They never dive into an underground hole, until at a depth of 160 meters strangely still can not get to the base.

Naturally, if the Mayans never made crystal pools as a sacred pond, and they never put jewelry items in it to worship ancestors. In the daily life of the ancient Maya, these holes occupy an important status. The holes also provide a source of water for the Maya, while also providing for their baths. Until now, in some far flung villages in the Yucatan peninsula, people still depend on the hole like this in his life.

4. Wieliczka, Polandia

In the Mayan spiritual beliefs, kubang-kubang also is home to Rain God, the same as the Palace of the Dragon in the Chinese legend. Mayan count on them to prostrate to invoke rain. Mayans considered that the rain in the sky was the visit of the God of Rain, simply by presenting a "gift", the new god of rain to attend. They put the jewelry into the hole, it will even pick a beautiful girl and dropped into the water, with the intention of rain god fun
Poland stands above the salt mine which has been operating for 800 years. Wieliczka mine is currently opened to tourists with a depth of 300 feet. Keep in mind, mine is never used as an aircraft factory during World War 2. Interesting is not staying on top of the salt mine? The water is salty sure all ..

 4. Kapadokya, Turkey

The house comprises of hundreds of home rooms and concatenated together with an old system of underground cities over the age of 2500thn Kapadokya. Area-the area is separated by a narrow corridor, the start of the occupation on the surface and eventually moved to the basement

5. Xi'an, China

China is now famous in temukannya the Mausoleum of Qinshihuang, the biggest imperial tombs in China's history. Wonders was built in 38 years by 700,000 workers, and is famous for its terracotta army buried with the Emperor.

6. Denver, Colorado

Colorado has a large airport that has many believed his underground tunnels. Based relics were found, believed the tunnels were built by the military as the Masonic Temple as a place of refuge from attacks musuh.Di find a vast underground tunnels that connect to each other under the city

7. Tokyo, Japan

Japan is the center of a mystery involving seven puzzles including an underground city under the city. It started when Japanese researchers, Shun Akiba found the old map Tokyo tunnel system that is incompatible with the existing map. Since then he found six irregularities in historical maps and other records about the space-hidden room. Including some tunnel with hidden room architecture design, wall turned himself .. Home!!

8. Edinburgh, Scotland

Besides the well-known myth, Sea Monster Lochness .. Scotland also has a long and strange history, one of the most bizarre is the discovery of a bridge that was buried under the ground. It is estimated that, after the bridge was completed and followed by the mysterious deaths, finally bridge is not so used.

9. Abydos, Egypt

The pictures above are found in the buffer beam ceiling of a room Egyptian royal temple, located at Abydos, several hundred miles south of Cairo and Giza plateau. Objects in the image, seen from the physical equipment is operated in a plane layer on the surface of the tube as the earth, not to space vacuum.

Because it is used side wings and tail and propeller. Abydos Temple was built for the god Osiris by the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Seti I (1306-1290 BC) and completed by his successor, Ramses II.

10. Nova Scotia, Canada

It is a mysterious explosion incident that occurred in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, on October 4, 1967. An object hit the Shag Harbour at 11:20 the night, causing a huge explosion. There were no fatalities. The witness saw the object as "flying saucers". Not long after, the place was soon closed.

The military Canada coming soon. In a short time, the place was cleaned and debris immediately transported. The incident was covered up was very impressed. What exactly is happening? Is it true that the flying saucer that crashed? Government of Canada has never issued any statement on this matter. And to this day, the mystery is never revealed.

 11. Valdaro, Italy

A pair of men's skeleton and the new stone age women hugged each other tightly unearthed in Italy. A pair of skeletons this warm embrace each other, shook everyone who saw it. Archaeologists estimate that a framework has been buried approximately 5000-6000 years under the ground!

To maintain the style hug, scientists have decided to separate pieces of the framework. "We will maintain them for this attitude are hugging each other." Thus says Irena Mannorti archaeologist who discovered the pair framework.

Once the frame was removed, scientists will examine further the lovers embrace each other is eternal. Furthermore, the framework will be in store in the Italian national museum.

According to scientists, that their knowledge of the lovers of the stone age is very slight. The skeleton was found in a suburb of Valdaro, Mantova, hence the name "Valdaro lover".

Archaeologists seem very confident that they died as a teenager, because their teeth are still intact. In addition, because along with the discovery of an arrow and some tools in this framework, it is known that they died in the stone age. And behind the legend that is considered the most glorious in the history of Italian archeology is still a lot of puzzles that need to be outlined.

There are indications that the second man was not dying in conditions hugging each other, but buried in the ground as a prehistoric tomb. Love truly timeless ..

12. Arran and Orkney Islands

Two islands in Scotland this is the most important historical secret treasure. Two of the island is located in the cold Scottish sea, two islands attract tourists with a number of castles, ruins, stone circles and ancient temples. If you like the medieval period, the two islands must exist in the list of your visit.

13. Geyser Reykjavik, Iceland

Geyser is a flow of warm water that gushed from the ground. Geyser always looks interesting and mysterious. One of the places in Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, is famous for its geysernya that reach a diameter of 20 meters and when it rains, you can find a terrible scene: streams of water gushed extraordinary that reaches a height of 70 meters.

If you visit China, and waiting around at the river Yangbo Geyser, Tibet. There geysers can spurt with a startling sound every few minutes. Diamter bursts of hot water reaches 2 meters and height of eruption can reach 20 meters.
14. Niagara Falls
The waterfall is famous as a tourist destination. This natural wonder is located on the border of Canada and the United States. This waterfall covers an area of ​​250,000 square miles and the water can flow reached 250,000 cubic feet per hour.
15. Bingbing Bei, Henaz
The place is located in the western province of Liaoning, Henan, China. Locals call it "Bingbing bei" or the back of the ice. This place seemed untouchable seasons change .. When all of China is experiencing winter, in this place it is warm, warm zone. It is indeed strange.

People call the change of seasons is a law of nature that can not be changed, but here it does not apply. What exactly are the mountains east of Liaoning Province. Residents experiencing warmer temperatures, while other areas in China is experiencing the change of seasons.

Given this phenomenon, it's earned the nickname "temperature anomaly zone." This "geothermal anomaly zone" extends to the left of the river outside the city Hunjiang to the end in Hun River right up to the foot of the hill near Guandian Province. Term "temperature anomaly zone" is approximately 15km, with an area of ​​approximately 106,000 square meters.

Interestingly when the summer comes, the region's temperature anomal temperature decreases. When summer temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius, the temperature here it is minus 12 degrees Celsius, even the super-cold temperatures continued to penetrate up to 1 meter below ground. Even the water was so cold the ground becomes frozen. This place has turned into a hot Frizer when other areas. In fact, if we were dripping down the ground, the water will immediately turn into ice. Incredible!

 16.Stonehange, Whilshire, England

Stonehenge is a mysterious stone structure in suburban England. No one knows what the purpose built, whether palaces or shrines, or temples or maybe a sign of a UFO?

17. Moguicheng, Xinjian

In this city, there is a neglected area called "Moguicheng" or city of the devil. Some castles in Moguicheng strange noise that is not clear where asalanya. If you approach this devil town on a hot day with a gentle breeze, you will listen to the rhythm of sweet, like 10 million or 10 million small bell guitar playing along with indahya. But if the winds came, then the resulting sound will roar like a lion, a baby crying or howling wolves.

18. Antarctica

Antarctica is a very unfriendly place to live. So many changes and phenomena that until now a big secret for most of us. Antarctica also has many mysteries, from 14 million kilometers of the continent covered in snow and ice with a thickness between 2000 and 4800 meters, there is also a dry island total, and is called "dry valley without snow".

19. Bermuda Triangle

In the western Atlantic ocean, lies the Bermuda Triangle. Within this triangle there are 7 large islands and 150 small islands which actually is a group of coral. Triangle is also known as the triangle of evil - all high-tech equipment and all the navigation equipment was not working properly in place. Often even the communication with the world outside of this triangle becomes a problem. No one knows why and how to prevent this. So, if you are brave, who knows you to be the first to solve this mystery.

20. Pyramid & Sphynx in Egypt

One of the most mysterious and magical places on the planet. Located in North Africa, the country has more than 80 pyramids spread along the Nile. Masing2 nearly 100 feet high, and made of giant stones each weighing up to 100 tons. Until now legends about the pyramids are still inviting new gossip, new myths and beliefs are also emerging.

Of all the pyramids, the tallest is the Pyramid of Cheops. All the pyramids were built only by piling one stone on another stone. Found no glue, nails or any adhesive used in the manufacture of a pyramid. All the stones somehow fit together, so it's hard to find any cracks or gaps. Issues concerning the construction techniques used are also unanswered to date. So if you are really looking for a mystery, the pyramids of Egypt will continue to provide a mystery to you.

21. Easter Island

The island is located between Tahiti and Chile, and gained international popularity because of remarkable colossal statue shaped the human face. Each statue stands about 4 feet, weighs about 14 tons and made of volcanic stone, and is the work of Rapa Nui society. Until now not known how the statue was made with primitive technology owned by the community.

There are various theories about the origin and meaning statues, including one of them is fantastic theory which says that the statue was made by a UFO. But, until now the truth of all existing theories have not been revealed.

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